Conte to quit Chelsea?

Antonio Conte To Quit?

In Keeping With His Record...

Conte to quit Chelsea?Premier League Title EPL English Premier League Conte Antonio Conte #Soccer #Football #FA Cup #EnglishPremierLeague #Diego Costa #Chelsea F.C. #Alexis Sanchez


July 2006 - June 2007


A tumultuous period in charge ending with his sacking after the club were relegated to Serie C1 

Dec 2007 - June 2009


Another brief spell in charge although his eyes were reportedly on the Juventus role.

Sept 2009 - Jan 2010


A very short controversial period in charge marked by confrontations with the fans, leading to his resignation.

July 2010 - May 2011


Achieved promotion for the club before his coveted dream role became a reality with Juventus

May 2011 - July 2014


Perhaps his peak, achieving much success. He had coveted this role for some time and his enthusiasm bore results. Eventually, he left for a national role.

August 2014 - July 2016


Ends his time after losing a penalty shoot-out to Germany. Was nicknamed "The Godfather" due to the way he talked and the way he made them want to listen.

July 2016 - ?


A very successful season for Chelsea with the greatest win ratio of his managerial career. Discontent emerges in the summer transfer window over transfer plans and budgets...

Best Reigns

Chelsea 78.7 79%
Juventus 67.5 67%
Italy 56 56%
Siena 50 50%
Bari 47.8 48%

With a best length in managerial reign of 3 years, Conte is no Wenger. Given that he likes to go out on a high and that his tenures are often brief, the likelihood is that Chelsea could soon bid adieu to their very successful coach!

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Conte to quit Chelsea?Premier League Title EPL English Premier League Conte Antonio Conte #Soccer #Football #FA Cup #EnglishPremierLeague #Diego Costa #Chelsea F.C. #Alexis Sanchez

Chelsea secure title…Arsenal next in their sights!

There’s no doubt that Arsenal’s for has improved recently. However, is it enough to beat unstoppable Chelsea in the F.A. Cup?

Here are some reasons why Arsenal might do the improbable.

1/ They have already beaten Chelsea this season.

2/ Focus – Arsenal have little in the way of goals to play for, and should be able to channel their motivation into 1 spot…the FA Cup

3/ Chelsea’s success is a hindrance as well as a motivator. How many times have teams like Chelsea and Leicester lacked motivation after securing the title? Chelsea could once again take their foot off the pedal.


Chelsea no doubt will go into the game as favourites, but Conte does not have the mastery over Wenger as does Mourinho.

For these reasons, my prediction is a 1-0 victory to Arsenal.

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Chelsea secure title...Arsenal next in their sights!F.A. Cup Chelsea F.C. Arsene Wenger Arsenal #Chelsea F.C.

West Ham 1 – Spurs 0: Chelsea 2 Wins From Title

In reality, Spurs should have walked home with this one.

Spurs with momentum, Hammers under pressure are ingredients that should have meant the result was a foregone conclusion. However the Hammers showed the proper response to pressure and the benefits of a united squad(as opposed to Chelsea under Mourinho or Leicester under Ranieri).

Having taken their eye off the ball, so to speak, Spurs loss leaves Chelsea requiring only 2 wins from 4 to secure the title.

Now, Spurs find themselves with the same mental pressure that West Ham had prior to this game. This was acknowledged by Eric Dier after the game:

“It was already going to be hard before, so now it is going to be even harder,”

How will Spurs go from here?:

  1. They repeat the mental fragility of recent years, and fold, or,
  2. They continue their unstoppable momentum and go past Chelsea to the title.

Personally, although Chelsea are far from unbeatable, I feel that Spurs are in uncharted territory and, this will stop them from attaining the title.


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West Ham 1 - Spurs 0: Chelsea 2 Wins From TitleWest Ham Premier League Title Kane #Tottenham Hotspur #Football #EnglishPremierLeague #Chelsea F.C.

Chelsea or Spurs – Momentum the key; Pochettino touts psychological advantage

Mental strength is one of the best weapons in sporting success, as seen in Spurs momentum based victory over the Gunners.

Now only 4 points behind Chelsea, Spurs claim ownership of this weapon, and, therefore a great chance of winning the Premier league title.


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Pochettino clearly is aware of this, when he said:

“We are in the race and the gap is back to four points,”

Clearly, Pochettino knows the strength of mental focus, when he added:

“That could be a chance to put psychological pressure on Chelsea. We play before them and, if we win, we will see what happens when Chelsea play Middlesbrough at Stamford Bridge on Monday.”

And, to make sure this mental weapon is fired, Pochettino let Chelsea know this weapon would be their main strategy when he said:

“We are in the race and the gap is back to four points,”

For this strategy to work, Chelsea would have to fold mentally under the mental pressure that Spurs apply. Will this happen? The outcome of that question will decide the Premier League title this year.


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Chelsea or Spurs - Momentum the key; Pochettino touts psychological advantagePremier League Title EPL English Premier League #Tottenham Hotspur #Soccer #EnglishPremierLeague #Diego Costa #Chelsea F.C.