Chelsea secure title…Arsenal next in their sights!

There’s no doubt that Arsenal’s for has improved recently. However, is it enough to beat unstoppable Chelsea in the F.A. Cup?

Here are some reasons why Arsenal might do the improbable.

1/ They have already beaten Chelsea this season.

2/ Focus – Arsenal have little in the way of goals to play for, and should be able to channel their motivation into 1 spot…the FA Cup

3/ Chelsea’s success is a hindrance as well as a motivator. How many times have teams like Chelsea and Leicester lacked motivation after securing the title? Chelsea could once again take their foot off the pedal.


Chelsea no doubt will go into the game as favourites, but Conte does not have the mastery over Wenger as does Mourinho.

For these reasons, my prediction is a 1-0 victory to Arsenal.

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Chelsea secure title...Arsenal next in their sights!F.A. Cup Chelsea F.C. Arsene Wenger Arsenal #Chelsea F.C.