Tottenham 2 – Arsenal 0: Spurs Kane Arsenal

Spurs Kane Arsenal

Tottenham 2 – Arsenal 0

In a game that was more about Spurs progress than Arsenal’s demise, Spurs continued their momentum to topple the Gunners at home.

It could be said that the goals aside, the game was well contested by both sides, however the stats show that, this season (and game) Tottenham have pulled ahead of the Gunners in desire and ability.

Did Kane make the most of a clip to earn a penalty? Should Arsenal have capitalized more on their chances? The answer is probably yes. However, at the end of the day this is not going to be Arsenal’s season and just like a naughty student in front of the headmaster, Arsenal were Kaned by Spurs.


My prediction 2-1
Actual 2-0

Footage here

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Alexis Sanchez WON’T Be Sold, Here Are The If’s And Buts…..

Speculation just won’t back down that Sanchez is just about out the door, so Arsenal Manager, Arsene Wenger sought to calm nerves on the Alexis Sanchez contract saga, and succeeded, sort of!

On the plus side, he said:

“I don’t think that you would sell him to any Premier League club, that is for sure.”


Well, that’s a reasonable promise that he won’t be banging them in against Arsenal anytime soon.

However, he also said:

“I let Van Persie go in the last year of his contract because Van Persie was 29, going on 30, and he was signing a long-term contract. That is not the case with Alexis. Alexis is 28. So that is a bit different.”

So, what we read into that is that Van Persie was sold because he was 29, and Alexis is one year away from Van Persie’s position. How does this translate into new contract language? Well, it means that a new contract will need to be a lengthy one(since his current contract already has a year to go). To keep Sanchez after 30 means that his value will go down each year as his body begins to age. To keep Sanchez for 5 years(until 33) would mean that he would be sold as a good player, with experience and skill, but not necessarily with his explosive speed on the turn.

The fact that no contract has so far been signed was alluded to by this comment:

“The disagreements are more purely contractual.” What this means is that either money, or length of contract, are the sticking points. If the manager thought that Van Persie was approaching the twilight of his career at 29, will he be willing to smash the wage structure for a player one year the junior over an extended period of 5 years? It seems unlikely.

So, what we know is that Arsenal will try to prevent Sanchez join an EPL rival. However, both sides would like to keep the status quo of Alexis being an Arsenal player although both sides are entrenched in different views as to what he would be worth as a player over 30. This problem may well be solved in the summer as Arsene says, but, it will require compromise by one or both parties.

*Quotes as listed on the Arsenal website

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Alexis Sanchez WON'T Be Sold, Here Are The If's And Buts.....The Gunners EPL Arsene Wenger Arsene Arsenal FC Arsenal #Gunners #Football #Alexis Sanchez #Alexis

Is it TIME for Wenger? Wenger OUT!….?????

The very latest football information here. Now fetching stats & info from the data feed.




Nothing gets Arsenal supporters blood boiling more than the issue of it’s ageing manager, Arsene Wenger, and, whether it’s time for him to go. So, let’s look at the facts, is it truly time for Wenger OUT:

  • His win/loss ration(overall) is 57.32%, the next best(20 games or more), is –
  • George Elcoat with 53.49%(season 1898-99)

Now, this season, his ratio this season is 58.69%(27 wins from 46). This ratio is above his average.

Last season(2015-16) his win ratio was 51.85%(28 wins from 54). This season has shown a significant improvement.


Last year, Arsenal won 20 from 38 games. this year the tally currently stands at 17 from 31.


So, why the discontent? Remember that Leicester won the title with 81 points from 38 games. The current leaders, Chelsea, have 75 from 32 games, a possible total tally of 93 points. Second place Tottenham have 71 from 32, a possible haul of 89, and, even fourth place Manchester City have 64 points from 32 matches, a possible haul of 82 points, all of these teams can surpass last year’s leaders tally.


This means that the competition this year is significantly stronger than last year, and does NOT mean that Arsenal have fared worse than last year.

Many fans will point to Arsenal’s extended losing streak, and there is no doubt that this should not have occurred. However, when you consider the context:

  • stronger opposition
  • better Arsenal year on year record

this losing streak, in context, is understandable. The players have experiened more mental pressure than last year from facing stronger opposition, and, despite periods of low confidence and poor results, have actually performed better than in previous terms.

So, the question of Wenger OUT?, should be taken in context. This year, Wenger’s managerial record is above not only last years, but, also above his long term achievements. The problem lies in the fact that Arsenal’s improvement this year has been eclipsed by the improvement shown by it’s rivals.


Wenger out? Be careful what we wish for!

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Is it TIME for Wenger? Wenger OUT!....?????Wenger Out The Gunners Manchester City F.C. EPL English Premier League Arsene Wenger Arsene Arsenal FC Arsenal #Soccer #Football

FA Cup Semi Final – Arsenal Put The Manchester To Bed

….or, a tale of two City’s


Arsenal put Manchester City out of the FA Cup with a 2-1 victory in extra time.

There is a saying that football is a game of two halves but in reality this was a game of 1 half, the 2nd half. The first half was composed of 3 motors running at half speed, as Arsenal, City, and, the team of Officials not operating at anywhere near their best.

With the commencement of the 2nd half, the game began. Two great goals by Monreal and Aguero put the battle on even feet before Sanchez’s extra time winner gave Arsenal some reason for hope in a dreary season.

There seem to be two Mancheter City’s this season. The team of stars, able to break down any defence, and, the underachieving team on display today.

City rightly point out that they had a goal disallowed. But, are there really grounds to complain when:

1/ Sections of the Arsenal defense had stopped competing, thinking that the ball had gone out of play? And,

2/ Arsenal should have had a penalty, which Howard Webb(as a commentator) confirmed was beyond doubt?

However, City had put the ball in the back of the net, and, the ball was NEVER out of play, so, despite the above 2 issues, they should have been awarded the goal.

Arsenal, on the other hand, are faring well with their new formation of a back 3, and some would question the inclusion of Monreal and the exclusion of Bellerin. However, Monreal was a revelation today and not just a goal scorer.

People will be critical of Guardiola, especially as he won’t secure his customary trophy in his first season, however, his win percentage is a healthy 62.96%(wikipedia) in his first season, not too shabby!


For the stats buffs, here are the match stats:

Possession: Arsenal 34% City 66%

Shots: Arsenal 9/3 On Target   City 20/3

Corners: Arsenal 6 City 7

Fouls 20 each


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