Were Arsenal Fortunate To Miss Out On Jamie Vardy?


The Numbers Don’t Lie!

Were Arsenal FC right to NOT get Jamie Vardy? Opinions vary, however, there is a clear reason why Arsenal should be glad they didn’t get the go ahead, THE NUMBERS DON’T LIE!

There is a strange pattern to Vardy’s career, that of boom or bust when it comes to goals scored. Take for instance, the 2010-11 season with Halifax Town, Vardy burst on to the scene with 26 goals. The 2011-12 season saw a sharp drop to 3 goals for the same team( however, he did record 34 for Fleetwood Town in the same season). The 2012-13 season saw a sharp drop to 5 goals in 29 games for Leicester in the championship. 2013-14 saw a modest gain for Vardy in Leicester colours, 16 in 41 games. However, his alternate boom-bust record continued in  2014-15 with a meager 5 goals in 36 games.

His name really got noticed in 2015-16 witb 24 in 38 games for Leicester, and, his career seemed set, and, of course, this meant he attracted the attention of clubs like the Arsenal. But, again, in 2016-17 his tally has dropped to 14 in 41 games(at time of writing).

Notice a pattern here? Yep, you got it, the tally booms and busts in alternate years. Each good year is followed(generally) by an average year.

Now, considering that Arsenal were looking to make him their top striker after his booming year in 2016-17, this would have meant that, had he scored 14 in 41 games for the Gunners, he would have been far from a wise investment. When you add that to his age of 30, he can’t afford lean years.



Overall, the inconsistency in his goal haul means that Jamie Vardy would NOT have been a wise purchase for the Arsenal and they should be glad that his services were not secured.

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