West Ham 1 – Spurs 0: Chelsea 2 Wins From Title

In reality, Spurs should have walked home with this one.

Spurs with momentum, Hammers under pressure are ingredients that should have meant the result was a foregone conclusion. However the Hammers showed the proper response to pressure and the benefits of a united squad(as opposed to Chelsea under Mourinho or Leicester under Ranieri).

Having taken their eye off the ball, so to speak, Spurs loss leaves Chelsea requiring only 2 wins from 4 to secure the title.

Now, Spurs find themselves with the same mental pressure that West Ham had prior to this game. This was acknowledged by Eric Dier after the game:

“It was already going to be hard before, so now it is going to be even harder,”

How will Spurs go from here?:

  1. They repeat the mental fragility of recent years, and fold, or,
  2. They continue their unstoppable momentum and go past Chelsea to the title.

Personally, although Chelsea are far from unbeatable, I feel that Spurs are in uncharted territory and, this will stop them from attaining the title.


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