Mourinho on Wenger-The Leopard Changes It’s Spots?


As quoted on ESPN, Mourinho has done a 180(apparently) in his opinion of Arsene Wenger. The leopard truly has changed it’s spots!

Consider the following quotes:

  • “Football now means if you don’t get success then you are gone — so yes, I feel bad for other managers. When you are at one club for 20 years it is impossible to have success every single year. Even Sir Alex will tell you that.”
  • “The truth is that I hope Wenger keeps his job at Arsenal. I really do. I hope that the club trusts him to make things better. I think that Arsene is probably the last example of a manager who brings stability to a club over such a long time”
  • “Sir Alex was the same at United and he was able to leave when he knew it was time to leave. I hope that it is the same with Wenger. Why not?”


Jose went on to say that he will likely field an understrength team tonight and hopes this makes Wenger happy.

Is this truly the leopard changing it’s spots? Or, is it another chapter in the Mourinho mind games? It is unlikely that Jose would try to increase the confidene of his opposite number, but, we will learn more later today

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