West Ham 1 – Spurs 0: Chelsea 2 Wins From Title

In reality, Spurs should have walked home with this one.

Spurs with momentum, Hammers under pressure are ingredients that should have meant the result was a foregone conclusion. However the Hammers showed the proper response to pressure and the benefits of a united squad(as opposed to Chelsea under Mourinho or Leicester under Ranieri).

Having taken their eye off the ball, so to speak, Spurs loss leaves Chelsea requiring only 2 wins from 4 to secure the title.

Now, Spurs find themselves with the same mental pressure that West Ham had prior to this game. This was acknowledged by Eric Dier after the game:

“It was already going to be hard before, so now it is going to be even harder,”

How will Spurs go from here?:

  1. They repeat the mental fragility of recent years, and fold, or,
  2. They continue their unstoppable momentum and go past Chelsea to the title.

Personally, although Chelsea are far from unbeatable, I feel that Spurs are in uncharted territory and, this will stop them from attaining the title.


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Chelsea or Spurs – Momentum the key; Pochettino touts psychological advantage

Mental strength is one of the best weapons in sporting success, as seen in Spurs momentum based victory over the Gunners.

Now only 4 points behind Chelsea, Spurs claim ownership of this weapon, and, therefore a great chance of winning the Premier league title.


The latest football information here. Now retrieving info from data source.
The latest football information here. Now retrieving info from data source.

Pochettino clearly is aware of this, when he said:

“We are in the race and the gap is back to four points,”

Clearly, Pochettino knows the strength of mental focus, when he added:

“That could be a chance to put psychological pressure on Chelsea. We play before them and, if we win, we will see what happens when Chelsea play Middlesbrough at Stamford Bridge on Monday.”

And, to make sure this mental weapon is fired, Pochettino let Chelsea know this weapon would be their main strategy when he said:

“We are in the race and the gap is back to four points,”

For this strategy to work, Chelsea would have to fold mentally under the mental pressure that Spurs apply. Will this happen? The outcome of that question will decide the Premier League title this year.


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Tottenham 2 – Arsenal 0: Spurs Kane Arsenal

Spurs Kane Arsenal

Tottenham 2 – Arsenal 0

In a game that was more about Spurs progress than Arsenal’s demise, Spurs continued their momentum to topple the Gunners at home.

It could be said that the goals aside, the game was well contested by both sides, however the stats show that, this season (and game) Tottenham have pulled ahead of the Gunners in desire and ability.

Did Kane make the most of a clip to earn a penalty? Should Arsenal have capitalized more on their chances? The answer is probably yes. However, at the end of the day this is not going to be Arsenal’s season and just like a naughty student in front of the headmaster, Arsenal were Kaned by Spurs.


My prediction 2-1
Actual 2-0

Footage here

courtesy of Arsenal.com

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Tottenham 2 - Arsenal 0:  Spurs Kane ArsenalWenger Out The Gunners EPL Arsenal FC Arsenal #Tottenham Hotspur #Gunners #Football #EnglishPremierLeague

Spurs v Arsenal – Momentum The Key

Spurs v Arsenal, momentum will be the key in this decisive London derby.


Predicted Arsenal Lineup:

Gabriel – Koscielny – Holding
The Ox – Coquelin – Xhaka – Monreal
Ozil – Alexis


In what is billed as Londoners Big Day Out, Spurs host the Gunners in what is a do or die top four effort for the Gunners.

Arsenal’s form has been stuttering at best this season(despite a better win ratio than last year). However, Tottenham have been a revelation with their ability to strike in more ways than a Kane reliant model of yesteryear might have offered.

There is no doubt that the Gunners are by far the better of the two teams when considered over any extended period, however, this is why Spurs will edge ahead on Sunday night.



Spurs are in full throttle momentum at the moment. Their ability to strike from anywhere has led them to have a goal difference of 47 compared to the Gunner’s 24.

Arsenal have rediscovered a semblance of form in recent times but nothing that is convincing, excluding their ability to fight and not give up a lost cause.

When you combine that with the home advantage that Spurs have, the result is that Tottenham Hotspur will likely edge ahead on the night.




Arsenal’s strikepower is nothing to be sniffed at, with Walcott passing his 100 club goal mark and Giroud a consistent if not spectacular contributor, however, all too often, the supporters have been let down by a lack of cutting edge to the attack. Sanchez is a good performer but simply cannot be relied on to fulfill the centreforward role, he performs much better cutting in from the wing.

When you compare this to Spur’s ability to strike from all areas, with Kane, Son, Eriksen et al, it is no wonder that Spur’s goal difference is practically double that of Arsenal.

Players such as Welbeck, Walcott, and the Ox are useful contributors and have rightly earned national honours, but, their goal contributions are a useful addition, not a solution.

It is no wonder that Arsenal fans have been crying out for a world class centre forward for years, and, why Spurs fans do not cry the same message.




It is good to NOT give a prediction since there are so many variables that cannot be accounted for, but, I feel that Spurs are not higher than Arsenal for no reason(with a better Goal Difference). When you combine this with Home Advantage, Spurs should edge out the Gunners 2-1. The rivalry between the two should ensure that there is no rout to either side but, so far, this is Tottenham’s moment to shine.



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