Mourinho on Wenger-The Leopard Changes It’s Spots?


As quoted on ESPN, Mourinho has done a 180(apparently) in his opinion of Arsene Wenger. The leopard truly has changed it’s spots!

Consider the following quotes:

  • “Football now means if you don’t get success then you are gone — so yes, I feel bad for other managers. When you are at one club for 20 years it is impossible to have success every single year. Even Sir Alex will tell you that.”
  • “The truth is that I hope Wenger keeps his job at Arsenal. I really do. I hope that the club trusts him to make things better. I think that Arsene is probably the last example of a manager who brings stability to a club over such a long time”
  • “Sir Alex was the same at United and he was able to leave when he knew it was time to leave. I hope that it is the same with Wenger. Why not?”


Jose went on to say that he will likely field an understrength team tonight and hopes this makes Wenger happy.

Is this truly the leopard changing it’s spots? Or, is it another chapter in the Mourinho mind games? It is unlikely that Jose would try to increase the confidene of his opposite number, but, we will learn more later today

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Tottenham 2 – Arsenal 0: Spurs Kane Arsenal

Spurs Kane Arsenal

Tottenham 2 – Arsenal 0

In a game that was more about Spurs progress than Arsenal’s demise, Spurs continued their momentum to topple the Gunners at home.

It could be said that the goals aside, the game was well contested by both sides, however the stats show that, this season (and game) Tottenham have pulled ahead of the Gunners in desire and ability.

Did Kane make the most of a clip to earn a penalty? Should Arsenal have capitalized more on their chances? The answer is probably yes. However, at the end of the day this is not going to be Arsenal’s season and just like a naughty student in front of the headmaster, Arsenal were Kaned by Spurs.


My prediction 2-1
Actual 2-0

Footage here

courtesy of

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Tottenham 2 - Arsenal 0:  Spurs Kane ArsenalWenger Out The Gunners EPL Arsenal FC Arsenal #Tottenham Hotspur #Gunners #Football #EnglishPremierLeague

Spurs v Arsenal – Momentum The Key

Spurs v Arsenal, momentum will be the key in this decisive London derby.


Predicted Arsenal Lineup:

Gabriel – Koscielny – Holding
The Ox – Coquelin – Xhaka – Monreal
Ozil – Alexis


In what is billed as Londoners Big Day Out, Spurs host the Gunners in what is a do or die top four effort for the Gunners.

Arsenal’s form has been stuttering at best this season(despite a better win ratio than last year). However, Tottenham have been a revelation with their ability to strike in more ways than a Kane reliant model of yesteryear might have offered.

There is no doubt that the Gunners are by far the better of the two teams when considered over any extended period, however, this is why Spurs will edge ahead on Sunday night.



Spurs are in full throttle momentum at the moment. Their ability to strike from anywhere has led them to have a goal difference of 47 compared to the Gunner’s 24.

Arsenal have rediscovered a semblance of form in recent times but nothing that is convincing, excluding their ability to fight and not give up a lost cause.

When you combine that with the home advantage that Spurs have, the result is that Tottenham Hotspur will likely edge ahead on the night.




Arsenal’s strikepower is nothing to be sniffed at, with Walcott passing his 100 club goal mark and Giroud a consistent if not spectacular contributor, however, all too often, the supporters have been let down by a lack of cutting edge to the attack. Sanchez is a good performer but simply cannot be relied on to fulfill the centreforward role, he performs much better cutting in from the wing.

When you compare this to Spur’s ability to strike from all areas, with Kane, Son, Eriksen et al, it is no wonder that Spur’s goal difference is practically double that of Arsenal.

Players such as Welbeck, Walcott, and the Ox are useful contributors and have rightly earned national honours, but, their goal contributions are a useful addition, not a solution.

It is no wonder that Arsenal fans have been crying out for a world class centre forward for years, and, why Spurs fans do not cry the same message.




It is good to NOT give a prediction since there are so many variables that cannot be accounted for, but, I feel that Spurs are not higher than Arsenal for no reason(with a better Goal Difference). When you combine this with Home Advantage, Spurs should edge out the Gunners 2-1. The rivalry between the two should ensure that there is no rout to either side but, so far, this is Tottenham’s moment to shine.



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Is it TIME for Wenger? Wenger OUT!….?????

Up-to-date soccer info here. Currently in the process of loading information from the data feed.




Nothing gets Arsenal supporters blood boiling more than the issue of it’s ageing manager, Arsene Wenger, and, whether it’s time for him to go. So, let’s look at the facts, is it truly time for Wenger OUT:

  • His win/loss ration(overall) is 57.32%, the next best(20 games or more), is –
  • George Elcoat with 53.49%(season 1898-99)

Now, this season, his ratio this season is 58.69%(27 wins from 46). This ratio is above his average.

Last season(2015-16) his win ratio was 51.85%(28 wins from 54). This season has shown a significant improvement.


Last year, Arsenal won 20 from 38 games. this year the tally currently stands at 17 from 31.


So, why the discontent? Remember that Leicester won the title with 81 points from 38 games. The current leaders, Chelsea, have 75 from 32 games, a possible total tally of 93 points. Second place Tottenham have 71 from 32, a possible haul of 89, and, even fourth place Manchester City have 64 points from 32 matches, a possible haul of 82 points, all of these teams can surpass last year’s leaders tally.


This means that the competition this year is significantly stronger than last year, and does NOT mean that Arsenal have fared worse than last year.

Many fans will point to Arsenal’s extended losing streak, and there is no doubt that this should not have occurred. However, when you consider the context:

  • stronger opposition
  • better Arsenal year on year record

this losing streak, in context, is understandable. The players have experiened more mental pressure than last year from facing stronger opposition, and, despite periods of low confidence and poor results, have actually performed better than in previous terms.

So, the question of Wenger OUT?, should be taken in context. This year, Wenger’s managerial record is above not only last years, but, also above his long term achievements. The problem lies in the fact that Arsenal’s improvement this year has been eclipsed by the improvement shown by it’s rivals.


Wenger out? Be careful what we wish for!

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Is it TIME for Wenger? Wenger OUT!....?????Wenger Out The Gunners Manchester City F.C. EPL English Premier League Arsene Wenger Arsene Arsenal FC Arsenal #Soccer #Football